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In a couple of weeks thousands of people from our Fellowship will descend (in airplanes) upon Orlando, Florida for the biennial event we call General Council. Decisions are made that will affect the future of our Fellowship. I have to admit, though larger in scale, it’s not quite as big as the Jerusalem Council in Acts 15. So, why should you go to General Council?

General Council is a place to meet with God.

One of the great things about attending General Council is that it is about more than just business. It is about coming before the Lord as a collective body and doing business with God—saying that we need him to refresh us, lead us, and guide us by the power of his Spirit. Our dependence on the Holy Spirit as we move forward as a Fellowship is vital to our future. The fact that the first order of business for the Council does not occur until after our first service signals to me the historic roots maintain as people of the Spirit.

General Council is a place to connect old friends and make new ones.

When attending Council, it is amazing how quickly you’ll connect with old friends and make new ones. For those who have been in the Movement for a number of years, attended an AG school or seminary, it’s always great to connect with friends and see how God is using them in ministry. For those that haven’t been around the Fellowship as long, or didn’t go to an AG school, there’s still opportunity to connect with people and make new friends. For me, it became just a bit strange when sitting at a meal at Council I met someone who currently attended the same church as I. It took traveling all the way to Orlando in 2009 to meet a fellow congregant in my own church. We later found out that we never met because we attended different service times.

Trust me, individuals you meet at General Council can have a lasting effect on your life and ministry. Your presence can also impact the lives of others as well. One of the aims of the u40 group is to connect generations. General Council is a wonderful opportunity to connect with individuals who have been in the Fellowship longer than many of us have been alive, as well as welcome people who are new to the tribe called the Assemblies of God.

Also, don’t forget about the Under 40 Ministers’ Reception that will take place Thursday Night at 9:00 PM. You can also visit the Facebook event page to let us know you’re coming.

General Council is a place to learn more about the Fellowship and make your voice heard.

I know that for many people, sitting in business meetings can be really boring. For me, it’s one of the highlights of Council. People who know me well know that if you are looking for me during General Council, check the business session. There’s a REALLY strong chance you’ll find me there. If you ever hope to become a lead pastor, there’s a good chance you’ll have to chair business meetings. The business session is a great place to see this done well.

As business takes place, you will not only learn about parliamentary procedure and how to conduct yourself in meetings of this kind, you’ll also learn a bit about the history of the Fellowship and the great things God has done through our Fellowship.

If you are able to attend General Council, make plans today. If you are unable to attend, stay up-to-date on the proceedings by using the General Council app or via the website. I hope to see you in Orlando!

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