Assemblies of God Ministers Under 40 is a group of young ministers in the Assemblies of God. We believe in opening doors of spiritual community through:

Networking Leaders
Sharing Resources

Connecting Generations
Making Friends

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How it all began//

In 2010 a few months before General Council in Phoenix, AZ, a small group of young seminarians were gathered in Springfield, MO. While there, Zac Wilkinson opened a Facebook group called <40. The age was chosen because that’s how the fellowship had previously designated “younger” with the additional presbytery representation. In one week, the group grew to 1165 members. The sheer speed and force of the growth is a testament to how deep the felt need went.

People from all over the world and all over the ministry spectrum began to connect online. Then in August, some of us were able to meet face-to-face at General Council for the first Under40 Lounge, generously offered to us by the executive leadership and sponsored by CMN. Momentum kept going, and what happened online (connection, resourcing, relationships) started happening offline as well through retreats, smaller gatherings in Districts and cities.

Ministers met co-laborers of their generation who would pray anytime, chat when they were feeling disconnected, resource and laugh. Missionaries connected with youth pastors who found like-minded Chi Alphans that hit it off with rookie senior pastors and church planters. Together, we’re all <40 Family.

We don’t want to lose our friends, some of our best and brightest, because they have felt alone and unheard. We don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to connect with generations above us for coaching, mentoring and ministry together. We don’t want to create any gaps behind us that cause the next generation of leaders to struggle.